Small Animal Vet Care


At Greater Whitsunday Vet Services, we provide all your vaccination needs for your fury friends. Our nurses and veterinarians constantly investigate which vaccines are needed for our region and try and find the right program for our pets. As an example in our canine patients, we use a triennial vaccine for some diseases so that we get extended coverage and reduce the need for yearly boosters for those disease threats.

Below are some video links of our staff talking about our vaccination programs and information on the diseases they cover.


Video Guide

Videos Coming Soon

Emergency Assistance

Our Vets and nurses are available for afterhours emergencies for our clients 7 days a week. If you believe your animal is having an emergency, please contact us on 07 4786 1010 and follow the prompts. Here you will reach a member of our nursing team to help triage the situation.

Remember Greater Whitsunday Vet Services is a small team and not only do our vets and nurses work during the day but then go on call when they are at home at night. Please be courteous and only call if there is a genuine emergency. We understand it is a stressful time but please be courteous to staff as no aggression, violence or abuse is tolerated at our clinic.